Why Odyscience ?

To increase your revenue
To manage a competitive environment
To secure your business development
To anticipate market trends
To enlarge your customer portfolio

As expert in business development exclusively working in the life sciences field, we help our clients to develop their export activities through various services presented below.

Our extensive experience in that field allows us to offer tailor-made services, ranging from prospecting foreign clients for your products/services to the realization of commercial contracts.

Our expertise, recognized for many years, is built on 6 primary commitments:

  1. Quickly understand the scientific aspects of your products/services;
  2. Articulate a proposition to position your products/services;
  3. Identify the best growth relays for your business;
  4. Ensure a persistent promotion of products/services on an international scale;
  5. Guarantee the realization of business contracts (direct sales or distribution);
  6. Elaborate an observational watch of the market trends.

Our tailor-made offerings are made in full transparency with our client. You can find below a few exemples of missions that we have done in the life sciences field.

Market Access

Market Access is a study that evaluates the capacity of your products/services to sustainably grow at an international scale on targeted territories.

With this program, we analyze your current ressources et define your axis of development; we confront the advantages of your products/services to the expectations of your buyers in targeted markets et we identify the best positioning for them.

With Market Access, have a broad visibility on the market potential of your products/services as well as a good grasp of the market expectations on the targeted territories.

Field & Desk

Field & Desk is the combination of an analytical and an operational approach.

As part of field meetings with potential buyers, we identify the market potential of your products/services by confronting them to the competitive and regulatory environments in order to validate your operational strategy as well as identifying the opportunities for new contracts.

This validation study, oriented around sales and scientific knowledge, have a significant part of reporting whether it is to summarize field meetings or for the writing of your final report. The last will comprise:

  • Analysis of the targeted market
  • Analysis of the competitive environment
  • Marketing evaluation of your products/services (through the SWOT tool)
  • Proposition of a marketing strategy
  • Proposition of a sales plan
  • Calendar of operations
  • Budget

The main goal of the Field & Desk program is to secure the introduction of your products/services on one or more targeted markets as well as ensuring your first commercial launch.

Full export

Full Export relieve you from all the constraints that come with the commercialisation and the exportation of your products/services. You subcontract a territory or a market segment to our experts who will ensure the commercial development.

We deal with all the tasks inherent to the promotion of your products/services on foreign markets so that you can solely focus on the technical, scientific and clinical developments of them. You will profit from rapid and recurring sales as well as numerous information concerning the commercial development of your portfolio (identification of the best markets, marketing and sale training for your selected distribution network as well as the follow-up of the orders and the requests from your clients).

We also ensure the promotion of your products/services through our participation to fairs, trade shows and medical conferences. A special attention will be put on our reporting after field meetings with potential prospects but also on our quarterly reports that focus on the progress of your products/services on the targeted markets.

The securing of your growth goals, the sustainability of your business developments on targeted markets, the temporary assistance to your export department or the creation of an export department within your company are all the advantages that you find with the Full Export program.

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